aka Jeff Mauer


A fire-engine red faux-hawk sits just above the alien visor that covers Barricade’s youthful face. The rest of his armor gleams white, with blue energy pulsing through it.


Jeff’s childhood was awkward, more so than the average kid. Bright red hair and pale skin did him no favors. Raised by a single mom, Jeff got into a lot of trouble because of a sharp tongue and an inability to hold it. While a freshman in high school, he insulted the school bully, who decided to teach Jeff a lesson with a baseball bat. As the bat came down, Jeff’s latent psionic powers manifested. A barely visible bubble appeared around Jeff, and the attacker’s bat simple bounced away. Eventually, his mother revealed that both she and his father were Lor , a race of space-travelers, and swore him to never mention the fact to anyone for his own safety.

He started sneaking out at night and joining with other vigilantees. He eventually discovered a hidden suit of Lor armor at his home that he assumed was his missing father’s. He met Eezo and Redline and started the vigilante lifestyle at night.

Jeff got kicked out of public schools, a knee-jerk reaction to having superhuman abilities (and his smart mouth). His mother insisted he try Claremont Academy as a last resort. The school was a great environment for Jeff, who made friends and quickly regained interest in his studies. Recently graduated, Jeff now works at Eezo’s shop.


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