Eezo, aka "Adam Faraday"


Eezo stands a hair over six feet tall, with spiky black hair and piercingly blue eyes. While outwardly human, he is actually an alien of the Lor Republic, a spacefaring race founded by humans who left Earth long ago. He was an engineer on a ship that was fired upon while entering hyperspace, hurling a chunk of his ship haphazardly through spacetime and ending up in Earth orbit. Since a Lor ship in orbit, no matter how damaged, is a bad idea, AEGIS brought the wreckage down to Earth and granted its lone occupant asylum…as long as he doesn’t bring any attention to himself. Not to mention the hyperadvanced reactor still running the ship…no mind on Earth could keep that thing maintained.

Eezo quickly set himself up working with what he knew, opening Element Zero customs, a mechanic’s shop catering to the street racing crowd. When that venture literally went up in smoke and his bid to live in the remains of his ship dashed by dead birds, dry lawns, and irritated superiors (“don’t ask”, he warns), he has settled into a new shop, Escape Velocity Performance Engineering, located in east Freedom City on the waterfront. Hoping to draw even less street-level attention, this shop caters to the high-end crowd, a high-tech Shelby or Lingenfelter equivalent. While he himself is in a “forced retirement” from costumed crimefighting, he lends the shop and its resources out to his former Night’s Watch friends, Barricade and Redline, and their caped cohort as a headquarters. After all, you can’t be much lower profile than just a voice on the commlink, right?

In his crimefighting days, Eezo commanded cosmic energy to manipulate gravity in fun and terrifying ways. He’ll still use a gravity-pull to grab a beer or an errant tool, but his agreement with AEGIS prevents him from actively engaging in costumed chicanery. His handler, Agent Mithras, has advised that he may use his powers under two conditions: self-defense and the impending apocalypse. “Violation will result in actions toward your deportation. Rest assured our spacefaring technology is not nearly as advanced as yours, so that is a long trip home.”

Eezo, aka "Adam Faraday"

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